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 What past attendees have to say about "Retreat Your Soul" 

“Amazing location, beautiful, and close by.”
“You did an amazing job and covered a lot in one day!”
“The presenters were full of information! Very spiritual and amazing!”
“It was so great!”
“Sally was always full of passion and energy. Olga was funny and a good meditation teacher.
Isabel was very friendly; I can learn a lot from her.”
“I absorbed all of it like a sponge, the time flew by for me!”
“The presenters were charismatic, made me feel comfortable and had great energy!”
“Excellent spiritual up-building. Thank you. NAMASTE.”
“Sally was very vibrant & encouraging. Olga was thoughtful & intuitive. Isa was passionate.” 
“Each speaker was great - personable and made a point to talk during breaks to me.”
“Music was amazing, especially the ceremony!” 
“Time well spent today. The syllabus was delivered and I have useful tools to use in everyday life. Sally was direct & detailed. She broke things down to allow us to apply. Olga provided tools to improve daily life, such as EFT. Isabel represented Spirituality. Awaken to the lessons I need to learn.” 
“The speakers are all awesome, I enjoyed everything. Commentary from chef to share his passion (it was evident in the quality) and what drives him (but then, I am a chef!)”
“Sally had great personal examples. Olga was crisp & clear. Isabel was heart touching.” 
“Workbook is very good. Thank you. The speakers were very convincing. Olga was very calming in yoga Nidra. Sally had very good summary & take aways for “The art of creating your state.”
“Both Sally and Olga were full of information & amazing. Isabel was very spiritual & amazing.”
“The entire retreat was absolutely amazing, relaxing, peaceful and full of info. I enjoyed the entire experience and took a lot of bit of something from all of the retreat parts.”
“Each speaker was amazing and shared very important and useful information.”

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