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Isabel Cristina Bolivar

Isabel Bolivar is a natural-born Shaman and traditional energetic healer from Colombia, South America. Using ancestral healing practices that have been passed down through her lineage for thousands of years, Isabel’s focus is on providing solutions to a wide variety of emotional and physical concerns. 


Through her energetic work, she provides what many consider to be life-changing answers and deeper connections to one’s true self and form. Her applied shamanic knowledge allows a person to begin the healing process without the side effects of some traditional treatments. Her services are complementary in nature to any traditional physician’s treatment. These treatments are often utilized to assist in rapid healing through the mind/body connection.   


Isabel intuitively applies varied techniques such as energy work, and Shamanic healing practices, to assist you in finding your life purpose, or in healing your spiritual, emotional and physical ailments. She currently lives and practices her healing art in Richmond, VA.


Olga Barnes

Olga was born and raised in Soviet Russia. About 6 years ago she reached a midlife crisis where she developed unbearable back pain and was told to have a fusion surgery. Despite that, she was able to heal her back without any drugs or surgery.


That led her to enroll in a naturopathy program from which she recently graduated. She is also certified as a C.N.H.P., C.H.S. as well as Reiki practitioner level 1 & 2. Olga is passionate about holistic health, energy medicine, spirituality, conscious living, sustainability, personal growth, empowerment, and having a purposeful fulfilling life. She loves to travel, be in nature/outdoors, experience different cuisines and cultures, and loves to learn. 

Her practice “I’Mpossible Wellness” focuses on the whole person, identifying the root cause, and figuring out the best route for each individual. It encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Some of the modalities used are pH balance, physical observations, Bach flower remedies, iridology, aromatherapy, homeopathy/herbs, and more. 


Sally Fraser

Sally Fraser - As a certified Transformational Wellness Coach with a background in holistic nutrition, intuitive energy work, and conscious creation, Sally loves guiding people towards living in integrity with their authentic selves.


Her powerful, personal experience utilizing all of these modalities in her own life, has allowed her and her family to thrive. She is also an endurance sports coach and a personal trainer with well over a decade of experience working with adults and youth. Sally is passionate about learning, continually expanding her knowledge in areas of holistic wellness, spirituality, and life enhancement. She finds joy in guiding others on their path of wellness transformation. She is married with three grown children whom she homeschooled in their younger years. She loves spending time with her family, mountain biking, rock climbing, backpacking, gardening, and chasing her chickens





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